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Your Creative Experience


We are trained artists offering you a taste of art history with easy-to-follow instruction on art fundamentals and specialized techniques.


We believe the creative process should be fun, educational, and inspirational - no matter your experience level


We strive to ensure that each participant brings home their artist materials and a unique piece of art, not a cookie cutter painting. 

Art Lights Earth

What We Do

Beyond Canvas is a group of dedicated, professional artists who create and teach art globally. Our mission is to build a better environment and quality of life for each person by providing guidance through the creative process. We host various artistic workshops for private groups, team building, and individuals with different levels of instruction allowing you to flex your creative muscles or build on an existing skill set. 

Our private workshops delve into realms ranging from street art and spray painting to Japanese dying techniques, and everything in between. We challenge you to be imperfect. Take risks! Dare to be unique



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