The Paint Dome

Do you think you can handle The Dome? We think you can. The Paint Dome is a pop-up experience that works great for private events.  We fill a 20ft dome with blank canvases of various sizes.  You armor yourselves in paint suit onesies and goggles, and wield paint balloons and paint guns. The objective? Blast the canvases with different colors of paint for an extreme abstract expressionist experience. The result? Unique pieces of Pollock-esque art and the experience of the lifetime.

We pop-up at your office, on your roof, at wineries, or an outdoor location of your organizing. The dome can fit up to 12 guests at a time, and works best for large events (such as field days). Participants take turns inside the dome and enjoy the designated hangout area outside of the dome to relax, refuel, and enjoy home-brought goodies (BYOB).