Shibori Dye Workshop

Using Indigo and natural dyes

"Shibori" is an ancient Japanese resistance dying technique that dates back to the 8th century. The root verb "Shiboru" means to wring, squeeze, and press. Shibori uses methods of binding, folding, and twisting to compress the cloth into a beautifully dyed pattern. There are numerous ways to manipulate the fabric and each technique results in different designs and patterns. 

At our studio, we will demonstrate different Shibori techniques and provide you with a selection of objects for manipulating the fabric. We will be using Turmeric and Indigo, a natural dye extracted from the stems of the indigo plant.  You will receive two hand towels as part of your admission and you're invited to bring a third item to dye. Your third item could be a tote bag, a pillowcase, or even an article of clothing. 


Personal item guidelines

Your additional item must be 100% natural fiber. Cotton, wool, silk, hemp, and alpaca are all good fabrics to work with. Thinner fabrics, like silk and cotton, are easier to fold and therefore may result in more in more intricate patterns. Please don't bring anything larger than 4x4 feet. 

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