Paint and Stencil

Stencilling goes as far back as the early 60's! It became popularized by political activists who loved the ability to produce multiple uniform images and messages. John Fekner was one of the early pioneers of stencilling, using stencils to design thought-provoking words and phrases onto billboards, walls, and sidewalks. Stencils can be cut ahead of time and quickly applied, which make them especially attractive to street artists. Shepard Fairey and Banksy are both strong leaders in the stencilling community, captivating the world with iconic multi-layered stencils like Girl With a Balloon, the Flower Bomber, Obey, and the widely produced Obama Hope poster. 

This is a two part class. The workshop starts with an overview of acrylic painting materials. Your first instructor will help you paint a basic background. Your second instructor will take you outside in small groups to give you the rundown on proper spray painting technique, and to help you spray your stencils!


Tips for First Timers

  1. Know which stencils you want to use before you go outside! We'll have examples displayed for you inside the studio.
  2. Wear closed toed shoes.
  3. Mix and mismatch. We have a bunch of great stencils to choose from! We love to see you deconstruct and combine them to create a unique work of your own.
  4. Relax. Don't worry about painting just like the example. If you're stuck for ideas, just ask one of your instructors for help!