Art After Hours Series

Card example 1.jpg

DIY Illustrated Holiday Cards 

thursday, november 30, 6:00 pm

In this Art after Hours workshop, you will learn to create illustrations in pen and implement your own designs on a series of holiday cards.

We will teach you techniques and walk through the foundation of mark making and illustration step by step, but can't wait to see you break away from the examples and dive into making a work of art that’s your own.  Think of our examples as a conversation starter, instead of a manual. What does your artwork look like in your own voice? 

Our instructors will teach you how to create and mix diverse marks and employ different techniques. We love to provide suggestions on how to make your artwork uniquely yours. Don’t be shy if you need to add an alien or two.

Draw inspiration from images of well known artists such as Shel Silverstein, Dr. Seuss, and more. Create personalized greetings tailored to the recipient's personality in your own style. This DIY Illustrated Holiday Card workshop is two hours and instructed by a professional artist and illustrator. 

Art After Hours is a collaboration with the International Art Museum of America