Private Event Policy

Cancellations and Rescheduling

We have a strict cancellation policy for private events, which includes reschedules.  Please read your event contract thoroughly and be aware of our cancellation terms before signing.

Additional Participants

Please provide your ideal headcount when signing the contract.  We recommend booking for as many participants as you would like to come. If the headcount increases and exceeds the number of participants in your contact, additional fees are applied.


We require a signed contract or deposit to hold an event day or time. If you sign a contract, your payment is not due until the day of your event. All contractual agreements remain in tact with the paid deposit.


Your invoice is due no later than your event day. NO EXCEPTIONS! We accept major credit cards and checks.  If you choose to pay by check, please send it by mail so that it arrives on time to our studio location.  Teachers and assistants can not accept checks and payment on-site the day of the event. If you fail to pay the invoice by the day of your event, a 1.5% increase each week is applied.


Each contract is different and specific to your event.  If you have any questions that are specific to the flow of your event, please check the FAQ section.  Ready to book? Fill out the questionnaire for a custom quote.