Treasure Island


Treasure Island is a man-made island that's an extended neighborhood of the city of San Francisco. It's accessible by Bay Bridge. It was originally built for the 1939 world fair and has served as a historical naval station and auxiliary air facility. It's home to many wineries and warehouses. 

Art on Treasure Island

Treasure Island was home to the burning man sculpture, "Bliss Dance" for four years. It was made by Marco Cochrane and brought over in 2011. It was recently taken down due to the damage it was buttressing from the sea breezes.


San Francisco Onboard Muni bus #108 toward Treasure Island at Beale and Folsom. Offboard at Avenue H and California Street. Walk towardsThe Pan American World Airways Esplanade.

East Bay Take any SFO or Millbrae-bound train to Embarcadero station and onboard the Muni #108 bus at Beale and Folsom.


There are free parking lots surrounding the winery and free curbside parking on Treasure Island Road. The Bay Bridge toll from East Bay is $5.00 on weekends. There is no toll from San Francisco.